Pleasant Surprises – Starr’s Mill

Starr's Mill

Starr’s Mill – Fayette County, Georgia

Sometimes pleasant surprises pop up unexpectedly. That was the case the day I took these photos.

Starr's MillMy camera is always with me while I travel on my sales trips.  But usually I don’t have or take time mid day to stop to take photos – unless something is so exceptional it is worth stressing already tight schedules.  That was the case on this day.

I had an early morning appointment at one of our key nursery customers in Brooks, Georgia. I had driven the evening before from Washington DC to Atlanta and, still somewhat in a daze, just allowed the GPS to take me cross country to my appointment.  I passed this delightful location heading southwest and did not see it.  Instead, I passed three retail nurseries heretofore unknown to me and decided to back track the same way on my way back to Atlanta to make cold calls on them.

One of the nurseries was called Mill Pond Nursery and just as I was about to pull into its driveway, I caught sight of the Mill Pond across the highway.  Obviously, after visiting the nursery, I had to sneak a peak at the Mill which was made easy as it was now part of a public, historic park.

Another view of Starr's Mill

Looked up Starr’s Mill on the internet and several places said it was one of the most photographed sites in all of Georgia.  Easy to understand why.  And I just stumbled across it.  A nice surprise indeed.

The times on my photo files showed only 18 minutes from beginning to end.  All hand held, three bracketed shots to make the images seen here.

Rest of the gallery of photos can be seen here: Starr’s Mill Gallery

Ron Ludekens 9-14-13

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Sharing The Good News With Clean Water

Clean Water Installation - Guatemala

Clean Water Installation – Guatemala

In November, 2007, I had the privilege of being a minor member of the team that went to Guatemala to install the first of many Clean Water  Systems for the families and children of that country.

Why do I bring this up now?  Today, Mark, the leader of that trip and the many other trips since then, wrote a little blurb in your church newsletter that I thought was worth sharing.  It gives the background of how it all started and how that trip has snowballed into supplying clean water to upwards of 13,000 families in Guatemala.

Below are two JPEG images of the text, but it might be easier to read in pdf form using this link:    Sharing The Good News Sharing The Good News_Page_1Sharing The Good News_Page_2I hope that excites you about the possibilities of making a difference.

Scene from Guatemala

Of course, the camera came along and captured images of a gorgeous country such as the photo above.  Lots of photos here: Guatemala Mission Trip

Kids Everywhere Love to Have Fun

But what I remember most was the beautiful people and especially the precious children.  It is the children that suffer so much from effects dirty water and it is the children that probably drives most of us to want to keep returning to do it again and again.  Once you spend time with these kids, your heart will be broken for them and I found that to be a very good thing.

Here is a gallery of photos from the Sunday we spent playing games with a group of children from the orphanage.  Gallery of Photos of those Precious Children

Time to renew my passport for another trip.  If you are inclined to consider serving as part of one of these many teams, let me know and I can help you get more information.   The teams have had 3 year old through 80+ year old participants and all can find a way to contribute in meaningful ways.  If you go, not only do you help others, but you will find your life changed.

Ron Ludekens – September 13, 2013

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Still A Kid At Heart

Fireworks ImageI still love fireworks.  As a youth, it was the fun of shooting them off and whatever other mischief we could get into by making them louder.

Today, I really enjoy trying to capture images of them (less burned fingers this way). This year we were invited by friends to the Visalia Country Club for their celebration on July 3rd.  It was a very toasty night after 107 degree day but the slight breeze kept the skies relatively clear of smoke.

Fireworks image 2Besides the friends we were with, there were two other reasons I liked this display of fireworks.  1) There were much smaller crowds.  In fact most of the crowd was much closer to the shooting point and I was all alone on one of the back fairways.  2) What makes these photos special is there is a lake to capture reflections!

Fireworks Image 3Fireworks Image 4  One minor gripe about the evening – the clubhouse left its outdoor lights on and it shows in most of the wider shots.

There are 116 photos from this evening if you are so inclined to browse through the gallery:  3rd of July Fireworks 2013 – Visalia Country Club.   Enjoy.

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