Madera Wine Trail – 4th Stop: Birdstone Winery

Next stop was across highway 99 south east of Madera to Birdstone Winery.  Right off the get go, I liked this place.  Ample parking, wide open grassy spaces suitable for large parties -weddings came immediately to mind (did I mention I love to photograph weddings? Blatant self promotion! ).  I also liked the simple but elegant Birdstone logo or brand:

Birdstone Art

Birdstone Art

Before entering the tasting room, we were greeted with a miniature craft fair.

Craft Fair

Wine Barrel Woodworks

Cask Furniture

Concave barrel staves make comfortable seating.

Then I found the line for cheese sampling.

Block of Cheese

Block of Cheese

Did I previously mention I was hungry?  Well I somehow managed to go through the cheese sampling line more than once.  And it was very good – each time.  Watch out for the last sample of spicy hot cheese with the Habanero Chilies.  The kick was a little delayed.  Did I mention I am now suddenly thirsty?

The wine tasting room was ample sized for a normal day but on this special day was a bit crowded.

Birdstone Tasting Room

Birdstone Tasting Room – Friendly Servers

Birdstone Wine Pouring

Lots of samples to choose from.

It included a gift shop with all things wine related as well as racks of wine.Wine RacksUpon exiting the tasting room we came upon the large grassy area ideally suited for large parties and weddings.  On this day it was set up with tables for relaxation and eating.  Hmmm, eating sounds good about now.  Unfortunately, at least to my olfactory sensitivities, there was a display tent set up selling cigars.  I know this is highly attractive to some but cigar smoke is not attractive to me.  So instead of lingering to satisfy hunger, it was time to move on to the next stop.

More and full size images of this visit here:  Birdstone Winery Images .

More to come.

About Ron Ludekens

God created a marvelous world full of wonderful sights and people. He is the Creator and it is His Palette of beauty that Ron Ludekens tries to capture as photographic images. Images of nature or images of people and their lives - both reflect the handiwork of the Creator. Ron is a photographer living in Visalia, California - part of the great Central Valley. He is immediately surrounded by agriculture and all the hard working people that feed our world. A short distance away are the grand Sierra Nevada mountains, impressive National Parks and, wider still, the vast diversity that California has to offer. Ron is one of the family owners of the L.E. Cooke Co Wholesale Nursery - a leader in the horticulture industry of North America. Even on the job, his camera is always near by. His photos for the nursery trade have been published in print and around the websites of nurseries across America. Ron is also a leader in his church and its missions. Ron's photography has been a resource the church uses in its communications and message. Plus photos of all the fun things we do are shared among members and friends. Ron also loves capturing precious moments in lives of people. Weddings, senior portraits, graduations, family gatherings, maternity and special events. Ron will not shoot more than four weddings a year to provide the attention to detail and followup that is required for such an important milestone event in the lives of the couple. Ron can be reached at 559-732-7165 or cell 559-967-5370.
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