Kaweah River White Water Rafting with Friends

Great group to go White Water Rafting with.

Last Saturday, as a Father’s Day gift, my daughter Jennifer invited Barbara and I to join a white water rafting trip down the Kaweah River.  It was organized as a fun event by the employees of the local Bank of the West branch where my daughter works and we do our banking. I have noticed that they always hire top caliber people who treat you as a friend while only a customer, yet many have become friends through social gatherings with my daughter.

Click on photo for short video of this section of the Kaweah River

All local readers know that all the regional rivers have been running very high and at flood stage for some weeks because of the record snow pack and recent hot weather.  The news has been full of warnings, river drownings, river closures and all sorts of pleas to stay away and be safe from the very cold, fast running waters.  So there were many concerned voices from relatives and even newbie rafters about the wisdom of this trip.  Most of those in our group had never been white water rafting before.  Even this morning’s paper reported the body of a canoeist pulled from the same river at the same beach where we ended our trip.

Kaweah River next to beach where we ended our raft trip. This same view is in today’s Times Delta photo reporting on the recovery of an unfortunate canoeist who lost his life and was recovered at this beach.

So needless to say there were some “Nervous Nellies” seriously considering bailing out at the last minute.

The rafting trip was hosted by Kaweah White Water Adventures – a local company that has been rafting this river for many years.  We were also signed up for the less adventurous trip of the day. 

Their experience, detailed safety training and the fact that they started below the upper class 4+ rapids and made us walk around what I thought looked rather tame class 3+ rapids made for an exciting but event free trip.  Out of the 49 people that went in this group (our 18 plus others), no one fell out of the rafts. (Darn, no excitement).

When the trip was over, everyone was excited about how fun it was and how safe it felt.  More than one person hopped on their cell phone (bad reception and all) to inform their loved ones that they survived just fine and all the worrying was for naught.

Afterwards we had a dinner of pizza + fun food (junk food included) and played volleyball & tether ball until dark.

No volleyball photos either – I was playing.

Kaweah River at Dusk

Barbara and I had a blast.  Thank you for inviting us along.

More photos of the group here:  Kaweah River White Water Raft Trip Gallery

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