Pleasant Surprises – Starr’s Mill

Starr's Mill

Starr’s Mill – Fayette County, Georgia

Sometimes pleasant surprises pop up unexpectedly. That was the case the day I took these photos.

Starr's MillMy camera is always with me while I travel on my sales trips.  But usually I don’t have or take time mid day to stop to take photos – unless something is so exceptional it is worth stressing already tight schedules.  That was the case on this day.

I had an early morning appointment at one of our key nursery customers in Brooks, Georgia. I had driven the evening before from Washington DC to Atlanta and, still somewhat in a daze, just allowed the GPS to take me cross country to my appointment.  I passed this delightful location heading southwest and did not see it.  Instead, I passed three retail nurseries heretofore unknown to me and decided to back track the same way on my way back to Atlanta to make cold calls on them.

One of the nurseries was called Mill Pond Nursery and just as I was about to pull into its driveway, I caught sight of the Mill Pond across the highway.  Obviously, after visiting the nursery, I had to sneak a peak at the Mill which was made easy as it was now part of a public, historic park.

Another view of Starr's Mill

Looked up Starr’s Mill on the internet and several places said it was one of the most photographed sites in all of Georgia.  Easy to understand why.  And I just stumbled across it.  A nice surprise indeed.

The times on my photo files showed only 18 minutes from beginning to end.  All hand held, three bracketed shots to make the images seen here.

Rest of the gallery of photos can be seen here: Starr’s Mill Gallery

Ron Ludekens 9-14-13

About Ron Ludekens

God created a marvelous world full of wonderful sights and people. He is the Creator and it is His Palette of beauty that Ron Ludekens tries to capture as photographic images. Images of nature or images of people and their lives - both reflect the handiwork of the Creator. Ron is a photographer living in Visalia, California - part of the great Central Valley. He is immediately surrounded by agriculture and all the hard working people that feed our world. A short distance away are the grand Sierra Nevada mountains, impressive National Parks and, wider still, the vast diversity that California has to offer. Ron is one of the family owners of the L.E. Cooke Co Wholesale Nursery - a leader in the horticulture industry of North America. Even on the job, his camera is always near by. His photos for the nursery trade have been published in print and around the websites of nurseries across America. Ron is also a leader in his church and its missions. Ron's photography has been a resource the church uses in its communications and message. Plus photos of all the fun things we do are shared among members and friends. Ron also loves capturing precious moments in lives of people. Weddings, senior portraits, graduations, family gatherings, maternity and special events. Ron will not shoot more than four weddings a year to provide the attention to detail and followup that is required for such an important milestone event in the lives of the couple. Ron can be reached at cell 559-967-5370.
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2 Responses to Pleasant Surprises – Starr’s Mill

  1. cjthorin says:

    Wonderful contrast of red mill and lush greenery. I especially like the secon and third angles. The second for capturing the serenity and the third for the interesting point of view. Unable to access the album to see the rest.

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